Holy Saturday

This had to be the longest and scariest day for the disciples. They had just witnessed the brutal murder of their Lord and Master.  Now, hid in the upper room, fearing for their own lives, all they could do is think….Think about all the things that had transpired in the last five days. What they could have done, should have done. Realizing their own denial and betrayal of the one, who just the night before, had called them ” friends.”

Maybe it’s time for us,to think on those things….


Good Friday

Today we remember the beatings, the death and the burial of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you Father for your Son. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.Thank you Holy Spirit, for your leading us to yourself.


Holy Thursday

Happy Holy Thursday to you! I hope you have plans to go to a worship service tonight.

Tonight is the night we remember:

1) The last supper.

2) Jesus washes the disciples feet.

3) His agony in Gethsemane.

4) His arrest.

5) His trial.

If you can’t make a service tonight, read your favorite Gospel account, or all the Gospel accounts of Holy Thursday, and remember, give thanks to Him who gave His all for you.