Watch “Father, Encourager, Supporter, Friend (Eulogy for my Dad)” on YouTube

Here is the transcript of the eulogy I gave at dad’s funeral.

Hey. I’m Tim Glass, Richard H. Glass oldest son. I would just like to say a few things about my dad.
First of all, he was my father. He set an example of hard work, unconditional love, as a provider and protector.
When he worked in the hospitals, he had early shifts, late shifts, night shifts and was on call quite frequently. When he went to work for the state of Alabama Department of Public Health, he had to travel a lot and was gone half the week. Since he was gone so often, he had “burglar bars” iron bars installed on the windows and doors so his family would feel safe and he could have a little more peace that we would be safe when he was gone. That’s what a father does. With his hard work, he provided for and protected his family even when he wasn’t there, because he loved us.
Second, he was my Encourager. He didn’t push me in any particular direction. He didn’t want me to necessarily follow in his footsteps. He wanted me to be me. He encouraged my song writing and guitar playing, as painful as that was to listen to in the beginning, but he loved music. He encouraged our band and took pictures at all our gigs. He encouraged me when I became a husband and then as a father. He never offered me advice. He’d give it, only if I asked. He was always there with a hug, a smile or a pat on the back to encourage me along.
Third, he was my Supporter. When I had a job opportunity, to leave Alabama to go to Iowa and Deanna and I decided we should take it and move to Iowa, I called him and said “Dad, we’re moving to Iowa.” He said, “Iowa……..Damn!” But you know what, he came up to Montgomery, helped finish packing us up, loaded our dog in his car and followed us there. When we got there, he helped us unload, straighten up, organize and settle in. I don’t think he was very fond of our decision, but he didn’t say a word. He jumped in, helped us. He supported me. He supported our family.
And finally, he was my friend. Like most fathers and sons, like most friends, we had our disagreements. We had our “loud discussions”, but at the end of the disagreements and the loud discussions, he still loved me and I still loved him. Because he understood and helped me to learn that love never fails. Now dad wasn’t a particularly religious man, but he loved people. He told me hospital stories of the tears, the pain, the tragedy and death he saw. But he wanted to help people. He wanted to help wipe the tears from their eyes. He wanted to ease their pain. To comfort those in tragedy and death. He lived his life that way. We who knew him, knew that. We who knew him also know, he would do anything for us. I’m sure he’s done many things for us here. And we probably didn’t have to ask. But if we did, we certainly didn’t have to ask twice. Because that’s who he was. He loved people.
Now, I am a religious man and I believe God is love(1John 4:8) and I believe that our capacity to love is part of being made in the image and likeness of God (Gen.1:26,27). Dad knew how to love. He lived a life of love. I can’t and won’t judge his heart, that’s between him and God. And I pray that God’s grace and mercy be shown to him as he steps into the next life. But I can judge his fruit, his actions. His works. He loved people. He loved his family. He loved his community and he loved those in need. Dad showed us the love of God. And if we could all love a little more like he loved, this world would be a much better place.

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My two key verses for teaching are: II Tim. 2:15 and James 3:1. Please know,that everything I teach are measured by these scriptures and prayed about. May God bless and keep you, and His face shine upon you.

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