A Legacy of Faith:The Last Thoughts From My Grandmother

This is a letter written by My Grandmother, Ollie Mae Wilbanks, shortly before her death on August 2, 2007. I love you and I miss you Mam-maw.

“My first thoughts are how I wish I had something to leave each of you to make your life as rich as mine has been for me. This is it.

I do leave, or have tried to leave a pattern of faith in my Lord Jesus Christ for each of you to follow. Only make it stronger and each of you do a lot more for our Lord than I have. I just hope and pray that each one will receive a crown and many stars to meet Jesus with when you go home. I probably won’t even have a crown. I feel I do so little for Him. But you have so much more time to do things for Him. I was 32 years old  before I became acquainted with my Lord and Savior. I feel I wasted many years by not going to hear His word. He did so much for me when I did get to know Him and He still does. I couldn’t live without Him. In fact, I didn’t know what it meant to live before I met and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. His love for me was worth it all. I had so many disappointments, but He lived in my heart and made all of them disappear. And the dearest thing in my life was when I could go to Him in prayer, and my prayers would be answered. I had the peace that passeth all understanding. I even loved your children, your grandchildren and  great-grandchildren and even your great-great-grandchildren with the love of my Jesus. I have even learned to love unlovely people by letting Jesus love them through me. For He is wonderful to me. He counsels me at times, He is the Mighty God of my life. He is my everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace for me. Without Him I couldn’t live. That is what I want to leave each of you. Just reach out in faith and He will be all these great things for each one who will only turn to Him and ask. He gives peace when there is turmoil. He gives a song in your heart when you are heartbroken and restores you. He is there for you when you are lonely and keeps you from being lonely. He is just the most precious One you can count on anytime. More than that, He loves you more than I can or can possibly tell you. This One, is the One I want you each to love and treasure in your hearts and teach the little ones to love Him. You can count on Jesus so much more than any human being. When we trust humans we are a great risk. When we trust Jesus it means peace that passeth all understanding without a risk. This is my prayer for everyone I leave.

Love always, Mother.

Dear Father God, place a hedge around each one I leave here so evil can’t get to them, so each one can work and get close to him and tell others who don’t know Jesus to love Him. This is the main thing He leaves us here to do. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


5 Responses

  1. Oh, that made me cry. Faith in Jesus is so simple…not nearly as complicated as we make it.

  2. She was/is a great person!
    Thanks for the visit.

  3. Tim,

    Thanks for making me cry. I’ve been uber sensitive lately.

    However, I (or all your readers) are extremely overjoyed that you shared this with us.

    First off, her name was beautiful. I wish people would still name children that way; Southern Gorgeous names.

    What really hurt me is when she said: ” I probably won’t even have a crown.”

    I think Miss Ollie Mae was quite shocked with what she received.

    The other part I really loved was the Hedge. People underestimate how the ill-hearted can bring turmoil into a home.

    I am so happy you shared this with us, and I see where you received your gift of writing.


  4. Harlequin, I’m glad you (and others) have been moved by her letter. It would have been very selfish of me, to keep this for myself.
    She was a very humble woman, I think this is why she would make the statement, “I probably won’t even have a crown.”
    But, this is the legacy of faith. She wanted to share this hope with her family, her children and her childrens’ children. And this is what she has done. And as awesome as that is, she has now shared it with the rest of her family…the Church.

    There is a verse in Sacred Scripture found in John 12:24 that reads: “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit.” I’m convinced that she will not only produce much fruit within her physcial family but through her spiritual family as well.

    And I’m sure she would say, “Let those be tears of joy, for I’m in a much better place.”

    Thanks for reading it!

  5. I didn’t just read it…I don’t think I will ever forget her ‘humble’ remark about the crown. I just can’t.

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