New Again: The Passion Of The Christ

                        This is so awesome! I had to share it! Enjoy and praise God!


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  1. Beautiful song…do you know what Jesus movie I love more than any other made? ‘King of Kings’ with Jeffrey Hunter.

    Did you know that the woman that played the Blessed Mother in this film was actually a Romanian Jew?

    Mel Gibson made me a little upset with this film; in my personal opinion, he did a lot of it (J.C. James Caveizial sp?) for shock factor. I didn’t like that they made him wear hazel contacts over blue eyes. I didn’t like that most of the people were people of dark skin that played Aramaic speakers.

    I did like the way he showed the Blessed Mother’s pain. She is an exceptional actress.

    King of Kings is better to me though; even with British accents and all. 🙂

  2. My favorite one is “The Greatest Story Ever Told” with Max von Sydow.

    Jesus Christ Superstar was another good one.

    The Passion was so intense though, I’d never experienced a movie the way I did that one.

  3. As a new Catholic, this film and the way it depicted Mary’s love for Jesus and her heart as a mother, had a big impact on me. I remember a Protestant friend saying she and her husband didn’t like the emphasis placed on Mary. She was a new mom so I asked her: Next to his heavenly Father who do you think loves Jesus more than anyone else?

    This was great. Thanks for posting it.

  4. This was great… refreshing to hear big country stars singing such a bold proclamation of Jesus!

    “The Passion” left me speechless on so many levels and was well-done. Too much Mary some say? No way. What better view into Jesus’ life do we have? I know how I feel about my own children. Can you imagine how Mary felt seeing her only child die for (and because of) all of humanity? Every detail of his life had to have been ingrained into her very soul. To see the Passion as Mary must have seen it isn’t something one should downplay. It’s something one should strive for.

    Thanks for posting this video!

  5. Hi Tim,
    I too loved ‘The Passion’ and I saw it through a different set of eyes as a non-Catholic. I thought the whole thing was done just right. I wasn’t even shocked at the vividness of it as anyone who has studied Isaiah’s prophecy of Christ would know it was just like that.
    Be Blessed and thanks for coming by and your comments on”apostles”

    Love in Christ Jesus

  6. Thanks for the visit Jake. Yes, Isaiah’s prophecy is very vivid and shouldn’t have shocked us that much.
    Thanks for the visit and come by anytime!

  7. I could hardly bear the watching.

  8. It’s still very moving, isn’t it?
    Thanks for coming by Shirley.

  9. This is so powerful. We have become a society that has come to know Jesus as a bloodless Savior, but that is not how it was. He suffered physically and emotionally, but willingly for us. We need to remember and appreciate what Jesus Christ did for us.

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