Conference on Men and Abortion

Vicki Thorn of Project Rachael has asked that we spread the word about an upcoming conference on men and abortion, with a special focus on healing men from the trauma of abortion. The abortive father is so often the lone forgotten figure so often overlooked in this tragedy. Men scarred by abortion include boyfriends, husbands, uncles, siblings, grandfathers and any man who would have been close to the aborted child. Often men are cruelly cut out of the picture with no voice or no “choice” even when it is their own child being killed, supposedly because this is a “women’s issue,” as if men don’t feel, love or grieve.If you or a man you know is suffering due to a past abortion please pass along this information. Even if they can’t attend they will know that they are not abandoned to their pain, that there is help available.

For more information go here:

God bless you, and please pray for the forgotten fathers and the the success of this conference.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting on this subject. Important topic and information that is rarely talked about.

  2. It is rarely talked about, ain’t it? Since I’ve been through it, I’d rather no one have to suffer with it as I did. God’s healing is a wonderful thing and I wouldn’t want any one to miss out on it.

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