Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that the antichrist was coming, so now many antichrists have appeared.  Thus we know this is the last hour.  They went out from us. but they were not really of our number;  if they had been, they would have remained with us.  Their desertion shows that none of them was of our number.  But you have the annointing that comes from the Holy One, and you all have knowledge.  I write to you not because you do not know the truth but because you do, and because every lie is alien to the truth.  Who is the liar?  Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ.  Whoever denies the Father and the Son, this is the antichrist.  No one who denies the Son has the Father, but whoever confesses the Son has the Father as well.  Let what you heard from the beginning remain in you.  If what you heard from the beginning remains in you, then you will remain in the Son and in the Father.  1 John 2: 18-24

Despite all of the ” Left Behind” theology of the day, John states plainly;  “It is the last hour” as if Jesus would return that very day!  And the antichrists??  Well, they’ve been around almost since the beginning.  As a matter of fact, they are more plentiful today than ever.

What is the “antichrist’s” distinctive mark?  “They went out from us…” Leaving the apostolic teaching, disregarding “what you heard from the beginning”  these are points John makes here to his community.

Christianity is so much more than “me and Jesus”.  God has called us “His people” – plural.  God has called us to community.  He redeems us individually to build us corporately into His kingdom.

What does this have to do with antichrists, you may ask?

Anyone who thinks they do not need God’s Holy church, the one founded by Jesus Christ himself, has been deceived by satan; by the spirit of antichrists of long ago.

May we all learn to love one another in God’s kingdom here on earth as we witness to the power of the true God we serve.



Just when you thought I wasn’t coming back….

Okay so technically Tim isn’t REALLY back on the blog.  Right now he doesn’t have easy access to a computer to post but he has been writing.  He asked me to post the next chapter on his page, Looking For Home.  So go on over and check out chapter 17.  I honestly tried not to rearrange his thoughts or words but I did have to share a little bit from my perspective at the end of it….hope you don’t mind!  🙂

We are continuing to adjust in our new home in IOWA and Tim is working hard.  We don’t have internet access at the house yet so the library is our best option right now.  Unfortunately Tim’s schedule prevents him from getting to the library before they close.  I’ll try to talk him into just dictating to me and letting me post for him so he can get back to posting regularly….we’ll see!        Deanna