“Big Blue Wave Pro-Life Blogburst”

Have you ever wondered where this culture of death came from? How it’s continued to grow since Roe v Wade? The easy answer would be to say sin, or Satan. But I propose to you another answer; passive Christianity.
I will not deny the power of sin or Satan’s influence in this world. At the same time, I will not excuse the passive attitude that many churches seem to have toward abortion, and it’s effects on society. How can I possibly blame an Institution that has long held to the teaching of the sacredness of life? I don’t. For the church is made up of people; men, women, children and grandparents. We are young and old, professionals and laborers, rich and poor and all points in- between. Each family is responsible for upholding Church teaching and biblical standards in right to life issues, including abortion. Each family also has a God given structure and this itself has been deviated from. Is it any wonder that with the rise of dysfunctional families that we have a dysfunctional society?
Each new generation, without God ordained leadership, will face the same dilemma that we face now, only worse. If we are not taught in the home that life is sacred, that we are sacred, made in the image and likeness of God Himself, then we will fail in our call to change this culture. It’s time that the Church start influencing society instead of society influencing the Church.
So together let’s make passive Christianity a thing of the past and move forward in the boldness of the Holy Spirit to defeat this culture of death. From our homes to our churches to our schools, let’s teach pro-life! In our local, state and federal governments, let’s elect pro-life!
I would like to thank Suzanne at Big Blue Wave for putting this “blogburst” together in honor of “Life Chain Sunday”, and allowing me to particapate in it. Please visit her site and read the other great pro-life blog posts.

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