God spoke

Then God said “Let there be light;” and there was light.  Gen. 1:3  (NASB)

God saw the emptiness, the darkness, the formlessness and He spoke to it. There was change. Our circumstances will never change if we put our heads in the sand and not address what is going on around us. God spoke and there was a reaction. When we speak, there will be a reaction. We must speak in a positive manner to achieve positive results. Isn’t that the image, and the likeness of God?

Our words have the ability to build up, but if we are not careful (to act in God’s image) our words can tear down and destroy. We also need to understand that not addressing difficult situations is denying the image and likeness of God. You can look at Gen. 3:6 as well as Gen. 16:2 and see the results of not addressing some difficult situations.

When God saw a problem (our sin) He didn’t bury His head in the sand and say,”Oh, they really didn’t mean it.” He didn’t excuse it away. He took action; first in the old covenant and now in the new. God, which is the very essence of love, saw a problem and addressed it with love, with His son Jesus Christ.

So when I speak, I must speak in love with wisdom and courage seeking justice. When I do that, I can be assured that I am acting in His image and in His likeness.



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