The Domestic Church

As Jesus ended the sermon on the mount, He challenged us to be “wise” disciples, that is; listen to His words and act on them (do them).We are called to put our faith into action!

To look at the “big picture” can be be overwhelming but God didn’t call us to change the whole world at once by ourselves. When Jesus stated,” You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountian cannot be hidden,” the reference is to the church as a whole. We as individuals are the lamps of the house. That means our “house” has to be lit up (the starting point) for true, effective discipleship.

God created the family, and the family is to be a testimony to the Triune God, a community of love. God has given us a great blessing and at the same time an awesome responsibility. Each Christian family must have for it’s goal the “bringing in of the Kingdom”. This is our individual goal, our family goal, our local church goal and the world-wide Church goal.

So, let’s study the role of the family within the Kingdom of God. The Domestic Church!


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