Blessed are the peacemakers…

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matt. 5:9

I've always thought of "peacemaker" as the diplomat who brings two warring sides to the negotiating table to talk and, the next thing you know, there is peace. That is not a bad way to look at it, but again, let's be practical. I don't think anyone will be calling on me to talk to the Arabs and Jews anytime soon, and I don't think that is quite what Jesus had in mind either.

The Jewish people know the word, shalom, which we translate as peace. The idea in the meaning of shalom is a total health of, mind, body, soul and spirit, a sense of completeness.

We know that in this life we will have conflict. It will happen to us, to our loved ones, and to our not-so loved ones but, as children of God we are called to be peacemakers, those who make whole or complete. Shalom is not just the absence of conflict but, the establishment of order, peace.

Jesus established our shalom, our wholeness, on the cross. Reconciling us to the Father. In turn, we should look to share this reconciliation, this wholeness, this completeness that Christ has shared with us, in spiritual truth and practical everyday life.

Shalom aleichem!


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