Blessed are the meek…

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land. Matt. 5:5

Meek is often a misunderstood word. I used to think of meekness as, well… wimpy, soft and cowardly but the definition is actually gentle, humble, considerate or kindly in disposition. Is that not an exact description of Jesus? Jesus was anything but a wimp! Let's look at the statement; "blessed are the meek." Jesus says if you're meek, (gentle, humble) you will inherit the land. The flip side is, if you aren't, you won't.

What does the land refer to? Jesus seems to be making reference to Psalm 37:11; but the meek will inherit the land, and enjoy great peace. The land is the reference to the Promised Land, Israel, which is the foreshadowing of heaven. So meekness is a prerequisite for inheriting the kingdom of heaven.

This brings us back to the poor in spirit statement. If we realize our poverty and finiteness, before the all-powerful and infinite God, we will be humble.

On the outside, meekness can look like weakness, but to the spirit, it is strength.

The meek are gentle, but firm in faith. Peaceable without being compromising. The meek can restrain their anger, they can be tolerant, they can go the "extra mile", and, "turn the other cheek".

How do you rate on the meekness scale?

I've got some growing to do!

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