..so that they may be one just as we are

This prayer of Jesus’ is recorded in the gospel of John chapter 17.The whole sentence is:

And now I will no longer be in the world,but they are in the world,while I am coming to you.Holy Father,keep them in your name,that you have given me,so that they may be one just as we are.

Ever wonder what he meant by this? Ever study it? Ever heard it?

All the apostles were there at the last supper,except Judas(by this time).And Jesus prays that they may be one.We know that as the followers of Christ started facing persecution,they all dispersed, including the apostles.How could they remain one?

Simple.They taught what Jesus taught them,where ever Jesus led them.

Why is it sooooo difficult to be one? Because we are not one.

Jesus didn’t pray for John’s followers,then Peter’s,then Matthew’s.No.He prayed that they be one as he and his Father are one.Has Jesus ever become dis-unified with his Father?Of course not!And yet we are not one.Is his prayer in vain?

Jesus didn’t list a bunch of denominations and ask them to be one.And he didn’t establish a million different churches with a million different teachings.Is it not logical,and scriptural,to say that Jesus established one Church with one teaching?Here’s verse 20 and 21of the same chapter:I pray not only for them,but also for those who will believe in me through their word,so that they may all be one,as you,Father,are in me and I in you,that they also may be in us,that the world may believe that you sent me.

He says if we are not one,we are not in them,but if we are one we will be in them and the world may believe that the Father sent the Son.

Is that not an indictment on today’s church?Does it not reveal our weakness? For if Christians can’t get along with each other,Christ’s prayer is in vain,and the Father is rendered powerless.No wonder the outside world won’t believe…we give them nothing to believe in!


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  1. Help us, God.


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