Making Disciples

After quoting part of “the great commission” last time,I thought to myself,”Where do I begin? Do I start out with an introduction to who Jesus was then?Who he is now?The role of the Church,and so on and so on.”

As I re-read the commandment,it clearly states “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”The commandments of Jesus are the standard of Christian conduct,so why not start with the sermon on the mount.

In this sermon,righteousness is the prominent theme,teaching that if his own disciples righteousness does not “surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees,you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven,” (Matt. 5:20).Righteousness means doing the will of the heavenly Father(Matt.7:21)which Jesus himself did, and revealed the Father’s will to us through his words and deeds.

Well, that’s the introduction. I encourage you to read, pray and study the sermon on the mount in Matthew’s gospel, chapters 5 – 7.Then we will start with the beatitudes.

Let me note here, that all scripture quotes are taken from the New American Bible, unless otherwise noted.

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